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Offering Business Planning Services in West Sussex, London, and the Surrounding Areas

Take your business to the next level with support from DORZ Accounting Services Ltd. Serving businesses throughout West Sussex, London, and the supporting areas, we cover all aspects of business planning. Helping with all aspects of funding applications and planning, our experienced accountants will evaluate the information you have provided and advise on whether you will make a profit or a loss. Get in touch today for more details.

Outside Funding

If you require funding from outside investors, you will need a business plan that shows the following information:

Outside Funding

  • Your Business Details

  • Your Projected Profits

  • How Much You Need to Proceed

Backed by 15 years’ experience in the industry, our accountants provide fully worked-out business plans to improve your chances of success with funding applications.

Planning Your Next Steps?

Our accountants specialise in business planning and funding applications for companies.